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Healthcare Consulting for health tech companies

We offer a range of consultancy services so you can:

  • understand the NHS

  • position your offer so it solves problems

  • connect with key partners in the NHS

  • write business cases

  • generate buy-in from key stakeholders

  • manage procurement processes and negotiate commercial terms

  • connect with investors.

This offering works well when executed in partnership with your own team.



NHS Strategic Partnerships & Commercial Director - Done-For-You

If you are still growing or do not yet have NHS knowledge or capability we offer a “Done-For-You” commercial growth service. We will create a strategic plan for your growth, create or adapt your marketing materials, seek input from our network, send these to our contacts in the NHS, attend stakeholder groups, lead commercial discussions, finalise commercial arrangements.   

Send us an email to find out about how we can support you and your business to partner with the NHS.

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