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Partner with the NHS

Unlock funding. Build strategic partnerships.
Connect with NHS system leaders.

Monticle was set up to help health tech companies:

  • Grow their revenues

  • Connect with the right people in the NHS

  • Identify the best NHS organisations to partner with

We have a network of expert specialists drawn from digital health, primary care, mental health, the investment and legal communities and more.

We all have in-depth expertise in different parts of the health ecosystem in the UK. We work flexibly in response to our client's specific needs.

Catherine Davies, Managing Partner

Over the past decade I held executive level roles within Monitor and its predecessor body and worked for a high performing NHS Foundation Trust.

I oversaw many NHS acute trust mergers, ran investigations into purchasing decisions and carried out NHS market studies.  This work inside the NHS system enables me to offer health tech companies a unique set of perspectives and connections.


Clients rate my insight, enthusiasm, excellent service and practical support.  I am committed to bringing people together to find solutions to the challenges the NHS faces.  

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“Catherine was instrumental in helping us understand the legal position of CCGs in the procurement of patient services and working with me to craft a response to NHSI and NHSE.  Her work was fundamental in getting NHSI and NHSE to issue a clarification. This informed our strategy and market growth”.

“As someone relatively new to the market and country overall, I found the discussions around government affairs and the NHS incredibly beneficial, especially coming from leaders who have had such extensive experience in both”.

“Thank you for the outstanding work you did on the program. I think everyone will agree that it was worth every minute of their time”.

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