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Connecting with the NHS: 

The Ultimate Virtual Workshop Mini-Course

Are you an innovative company with ground-breaking solutions, eager to forge stronger ties with the NHS? Already have a foot in the door with one or two NHS customers, but wondering how to scale up? Dive into our tailored mini-course, designed specifically for trailblazers like you. Here's your blueprint to organising an unforgettable virtual workshop that will resonate with NHS staff, giving you insights into their unique challenges and forging lasting connections.

Why this mini-course?

Bespoke for the NHS Environment: 
We understand the nuances of the NHS, its ways of working, and its unique challenges. Navigate a way forward with precision and confidence.

Hands-On Approach: 
We provide step-by-step guidelines on planning, organising, and delivering a successful workshop. Go beyond theory into actionable insights.

Maximize Engagement: 
Our tried and tested techniques ensure your workshop adds value to NHS participants, leading to meaningful conversations and stronger partnerships.

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What's inside?


Goal-Setting for Success: 
Begin with the end in mind. Whether you're seeking feedback on your offerings or exploring funding opportunities, we guide you on defining clear, actionable goals for your workshop.


Targeting the Right NHS Participants:

Identify NHS staff who will bring the most value to your workshop. We provide a structured approach to outreach, ensuring you not only connect with them but also secure their participation.


Nailing Down the Essentials:

Dive into the nitty-gritty details that make all the difference:

Time Management:
How much time should you allow for planning and how long should your workshop last to ensure engagement without overwhelming participants?

Technology Best Practice:
Which platforms work best, and how can you ensure a seamless experience for all attendees?


Crafting the Perfect Workshop Structure:

Don't reinvent the wheel. Benefit from proven formats and structures that have brought success to our clients. We show you what works, saving you time and maximising participant engagement.


Strategising Post-Workshop Actions:
The workshop may end, but your journey doesn't. Map out a clear plan for follow-ups, relationship-building, and leveraging the insights you've gained to further your partnership with the NHS.

Effective Outreach: 
Master the art of reaching out to potential participants, ensuring they're informed, interested, and eager to join.

Pre-Workshop Preparations: 
What should participants know or have before the workshop? We've got you covered.

Compensation Considerations:
To pay or not to pay? Get insights into whether compensating participants is right for your workshop and how to go about it if it is.

Equipped with these tools, strategies, and insights, you'll be primed to design and execute a workshop that not only engages NHS teams but also lays the groundwork for sustained partnerships and growth

Meet Your Expert Guide:

Catherine Davies

When you invest in our mini-course, you're not just acquiring knowledge – you're tapping into the insights and expertise of one of the industry's most influential figures, Catherine Davies.

Why Catherine?

Deep NHS Insights: As an adviser to digital health companies, Catherine is deeply attuned to the nuances of NHS partnerships. She gets it - her advice is practical, actionable, and rooted in real-world experience.

Leadership in Digital Health: As the Director of the Digital Healthcare Council, her influence and network in the digital health landscape are unmatched. You're learning from a key player who shapes the future of health tech.

Policy-Maker & Thinker: Catherine held an executive-level role at the NHS regulator, Montitor. She was an integral member of the Health Select Committee’s Expert Panel on NHS digitisation. And her role as a board member of the leading Westminster think tank, Reform, gives her a 360-degree perspective of the healthcare ecosystem.

Voice of the Industry: Through her podcast, the "Women in Healthtech Show", Catherine amplifies the voices of women driving change in health tech. Her nuanced perspectives and deep conversations offer a holistic view of the sector's evolution.

By enrolling in this course, you're not just accessing information; you're benefiting from Catherine's vast experience and rich insights. Guided by her wisdom, this isn't just a course, it's a blueprint for excellence.

Here's your moment to learn from a leading authority in the sector. Embark on your journey with the NHS, led by Catherine Davies!

**Limited-Time Offer!**

We currently have an offer on this mini-course: £497 instead of £997.
Don't miss out on this opportunity to leading transformational change in partnership with the NHS!

⬆️ Elevate your partnership with the NHS. Learn to create virtual workshops that resonate and inspire.


& Harness the Power of Partnerships with the NHS!

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