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Connecting with the NHS:

What's included?

1. Goal-Setting for Success
2. Targeting the Right NHS Participants
3. Crafting the Perfect Workshop Structure
4. Strategising Post-Workshop Actions
5. Nailing Down the Essentials

The Ultimate Virtual Workshop Mini-Course

Equipped with these tools, strategies, and insights, you'll be primed to design and execute a workshop that not only engages NHS teams but also lays the groundwork for sustained partnerships and growth

Partnering with the NHS in mental health​

Do you have clever mental health tech?

Do you want to partner with the NHS?

Maybe you're not sure where to start. Or you have started but haven't made the progress you were hoping for. 

Our NHS Mental Health Playbook is just for you. It explains exactly what you need to do to unlock funding, build strategic partnerships, connect with NHS system leaders. We'll teach you to how to partner successfully even if you've never worked with the NHS before. 


Send us an email to find out about how we can support you and your business to partner with the NHS.

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