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Ways To Work With Us

Please book a call here to talk to us about how we can help you.

Strategy Day With Catherine 

Navigating partnerships with the NHS can feel like a prolonged labyrinthine test.

The endeavour is worthwhile. Yet the journey can be frustrating, daunting and unpredictable.


But here's the thing: You don’t have to have all the answers.


Dive into a transformative day of strategising with me.


Together, we'll shine a light on what’s already driving your success and tackle the hurdles slowing you down.


Drawing from my deep insights across the health system and practical experience, I'll highlight new opportunities for your business.

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Bespoke consulting

We offer bespoke consulting packages tailored to your requirements.

We work with companies that share our values of integrity, respect and excellence


Our team has worked in health for more than a decade.


Whether you are winning your first contracts, scaling up or are ready to exit and are looking for a purchaser, we offer a range of advisory services to help.

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Finding Your First NHS Partners

A step-by-step methodology to help you start partnering with the NHS in England. 


This is created from our in-depth knowledge of NHS policy and regulation, how the NHS purchases innovation and hands-on experience of helping businesses like yours to contract with the NHS.

Accelerate growth with a clear sense of direction and purpose 

Understand more about the NHS’s need for your solutions and gain clarity around how you may be able to help and where in the system you fit best

 Establish key contacts across the NHS ecosystem and craft a winning strategy

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Senior Women In Health 

Join our group of kind, generous women who find value in taking time away from the day to day pressures of their executive roles to reflect on what's important to them, share their views and experiences and ask for advice.


This membership is for you if:

  • You are a senior executive working in health 

  • You want to be part of a peer group of exceptional women who want to lead with purpose and integrity and 

  • You want to maximise your impact across the health eco system

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What Our Clients Say


Elina, Founder

"Catherine truly understands the challenges the NHS faces and the opportunities to improve healthcare through digital innovation.  As a founder, I have been tremendously lucky to rely on Catherine for advice and guidance when making complex decisions."
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